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The Ndawara Tea Estate/Ranch

The Ndawara Tea Estate/Ranch
The Ndawara Tea Estate/Ranch
Thinking it is some British Castle? No, you are so wrong! This is the home of the Ndawara highland tea estate/ranch owner which is a must explore destination located some 16km from the centre of Belo. Lovers of agro tourism won't resist this lavished expression of agricultural splendor. The Ndawara Tea Estate is one of the biggest privately owned tea estates in the world and certainly the greatest in the whole of West Africa displayed on some 5000hectares of land. In addition to the magnificence of the plantation is the possibility to hire ponies and go on a pleasure ride or visit the nearby crater lake. Grab an opportunity to get friendly with not so popular birds like the peacock. Treat yourself to life in the countryside where nature and serenity rule.

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Contact Service Provider(+237):
233 375 734  /  233 375 576

Adventure Level: 2

Town: Bamenda

Region: North West

Price: From 0 FCFA

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