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The Ngaoundaba Ranch

The Ngaoundaba Ranch
The Ngaoundaba Ranch
Unlike what common knowledge holds, the Grand North is endowed with some of the most fascinating getaways that the country has to offer and the Ngaoundaba Ranch is no exception. Associated with the themes of nature, peace and quiet, effort and energy, this ranch located in the Adamawa region of the country provides a wealth of activities to make your visit a remarkable and fun filled one. The ranch forms one of the most iconic locations for bird watching in the Grand North, it provides horse riding for lovers of activities associated with a speedy adrenaline rush, adventurous hunting, fishing for leisure, canoe cruises in the lake and many more exciting activities which bring out the life in you.
The ranch has a restaurant and lodging facilities furnished with breathtaking locally made furniture for those who wish to extend their ranch experience. The Ngaoundaba Ranch will leave u with nothing short of unforgettable memories!

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Adventure Level: 2

Town: Ngaoundere

Region: Adamawa

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