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Campo-Ma'an National Park

Campo-Ma'an National Park
The Central African rainforest is quite famous, due mainly to its diversity in fauna and flora. It is of no doubt therefor tht it plays a major contribution to Cameroon being dubbed "Africa in Miniature". The section of the rainforest found in Cameroon harbours the Campo Ma’an landscape which covers about 700,000 hectares. This particular area forms a miniature reflection of the rich diversity of plant and animal species of Central Africa’s rainforest.
A visit to this area should be nothing short of a real adventure. It holds the Campo-Ma’an national park, occupying up to 264,064 hectares, and made up of many different species of reptiles, mammals, birds and fishes. This rich biodiversity is a product of the Campo Wildlife Reserve created in 1932 and the Ma’an Production Reserve established in 1980. It has grown to have a wide range of plants and animal species including taxonomic endemics.
The rich biodiversity of this park is accompanied by 4 logging concessions, an agro-industrial belt made up of rubber and palm oil plantations and community agro-forestry zones. South of the Campo-Ma’an National park is another discoverable site; the Memve’ele falls on the Ntem River.

All these add to the numerous beautiful touristic attractions and lodging facilities in the South Region of Cameroon.

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