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Bénoué National Park

Bénoué National Park
Bénoué National Park
This park is an undeniable expression of Cameroon’s faunal affluence! If you are looking for a park where wildlife blends with beautiful and mysterious Savanna, then a perfect match is the Bénoué National Park, located in North Eastern Cameroon. Take a green trip to the Bénoué (Benue) National Park, heart of the animal Kingdom, graced with the Savanna and its mysteries. You might be tempted to think it’s just a hippo sanctuary due to its numerous fascinating gigantic hippos but no, there is more! It is also blown up with giraffes, lions, antelopes, elephants, hyenas and a whole lot more.
First established as a Faunal Reserve in 1932, it is today, a UNESCO labelled Biosphere Reserve, and spans over 180,000 hectares, characterized by wooded grassland with several types of Sudanian woodland such as Isoberlinia-dominated, dry Anogeissus forest, semi-evergreen riparian forest, along the Bénoué and its major affluent. It is fondly called the haven for real adventure. The park also has lodging and feeding facilities to its credit.

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