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The Waza National Park

The Waza National Park
The Waza National Park
When it comes to natural endowments, our fatherland is a faunal wonderland! The Waza Park speaks volumes of this rich reality as it abounds in a wealth of endangered animal species which are rare to come by just anywhere in everyday life. Founded in 1968 and today spreading across 170000 hectares, this park is the most famed in Cameroon. It has has been upheld as one of the best in Francophone Africa and baptised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979. Bountifully bestowed with giraffes so tall and fascinating, elephants that move like royalty, beautiful roan antelopes, vervet and patas monkeys, hyena, lions, red-fronted gazelles and a host of other animals, the Waza park is definitely a destination worth including on your destination list. It is also adorned with avifauna such as ostriches, geese, egrets and a whole lot more. The park in addition has a commendable vegetation mix of Sahel and Sudan Savanna which enhances the beauty of the scenery. Lodging facilities have also been made available for those who can’t get enough of the Waza Park experience in one day.

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