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The All-time Classic Foumban Palace

The All-time Classic Foumban Palace
The All-time Classic Foumban Palace
A majestic symbol of African civilisation, marked by centuries of a culture and tradition so meticulously preserved, with environs having an additional regal flair, this somewhat lookalike of a medieval chateau serves as home to ruler of the historic Bamoun people.
This all-time classic palace is located in Foumban, North East of the Western regional capital of Bafoussam.
The 'Palais Royal' which was completed in 1917 was built by Sultan (Mfon) Ibrahim Njoya (1876-1933) and today holds the Foumban Museum of Bamum Art which exhibits many samples of wood carvings, realistic masks in copper and terra-cotta, collections of weaponry, the Shumom alphabet, bamboo and raffia furniture which all make this destination an important center of traditional African arts.
Equally appealing to visitors are a multitude of royal gowns, arms, musical instruments, statues, jewellery, masks and colourful bead-covered thrones carved in the shapes of the men who sat on them, usually deceased Mfons.
A visit to this palace embellishes your Cameroonian experience. Come in and get thrilled!

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