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Chez Wou

Chez Wou Chez Wou Chez Wou
Chez Wou
This eatery could be said to abound more in Chinese and international cuisine but most especially in creative recipes unique to Chez Wou. The restaurant actually exudes a Chinese flair due to its conspicuous traditional Chinese decor. When it comes to food, serving matters a whole lot and Chez Wou has figured this out and so gets it right in an amazing way.
It is noted for thrilling its guests by taking food serving to a whole new level, always expressing a remarkable degree of creativity. The restaurant in addition to offering special seasonal offers also plays host to events and renders reservation services. The Chez Wou restaurant is found in the Bastos neighbourhood of Yaounde.

Useful Details

Contact Service Provider(+237):
222 204 679  /  699 912 305

Town: Yaounde

Region: Center