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Towns of the East Region



Bertoua, capital of the rich forest region of Cameroon, is a large, sparsely populated town of about 88 000 inhabitants. The people of this town usually belong to one of four categories of ethnic groups: the Bantu, the Adamawa–Ubangi (Sudanese) tribes, the Fulbes and the pygmies.
The surroundings of this town is covered in rain forest composed of plant species like dibetu, ebony, iroko, mahogany, obeche, and sapelli, some being as tall as 70 meters. The forest is home to an abundant animal life. Species of monkey, gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants, bats and rodents are found in this habitat. The government of Cameroon has established four forest and game reserves around Bertoua.
Most of the Bertoua residents are subsistence farmers, and a small span of the population practices hunting and gathering in the forests around the town.
Bertoua has a hot wet equatorial climate with average annual temperatures reaching 24 degrees Celsius. Several river systems run within the town and its environs.
Quite a number of residents have learned the French language and use it in everyday exchanges, although some people still master only their vernacular.
Bertoua is linked to the rest of Cameroon by a highway.

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