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The Kribienne

The Kribienne The Kribienne The Kribienne
The Kribienne
The town Kribi in itself is a place that you will always fall in love with and just like music, its experiences can touch you right to the soul no matter how hard you are. The Kribienne tour in this magical town is considered by others to be a cookbook for revitalising yourself in the most enjoyable ways as it is marked by fun filled activities such as pirogue cruises, eating of good seafood, bonfires, picnics, arts exhibitions close to a gorgeous waterfall and others. Life can be very stressful so everyone needs a stress relieving treat once in a while and trust me, the Kribienne falls in this category. This tour package is therefore for you, you and you. Yes you!

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Tour Provider: The Guide

Contact Service Provider(+237):
674 809 090  /  670 271 973

Town: Kribi

Region: South

Price: From 0 FCFA

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