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Col of Koza

Col of Koza Col of Koza Col of Koza
Col of Koza
Thinking these are some paintings? Noooo, please take a second look! These beautifully shaped and neatly placed huts serve as homes to the Mafa people of the Far North region of the country. These are pure expressions of refined local arts marked by originality that will fascinate even the greatest architect. This tour goes way beyond mesmerizing at these intriguing huts as it involves visits to the market around the area which offers great souvenir items, visit to the handicraft market full of creative works of arts and crafts by the locals and a visit to the great Waza National park where you get the opportunity of watching our diverse and rich faunae. It also gives you the opportunity to view one of the largest hippos, lions, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, antelopes, buffalos and many more. This region also harbours one of the largest tender grounds for cattle and you will get the opportunity to marvel at the wonders of the Rhumsiki. This is definitely not a tour to miss out on because the Far North region in itself is a complete wonder.

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Town: Maroua

Region: Far North

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