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Tour of Museums

Tour of  Museums Tour of  Museums Tour of  Museums
Tour of Museums
Home to some of the very rare works of art with a very rich culture and interesting history, our museums put all of these endowments together to tell a visual and coherent story of who we are. You can learn about everything you need to know in just one room! This 9 days tour takes you through the country's most outstanding museums like The National Museum, The Museum of Civilisation, that of the iconic palace of Foumban, the Bandjoun museum and others.
The tour spans from the country's capital to the grass fields and crowned in the ever bustling capital city of Douala marked by fine dining in each of the towns including visits to other touristic sites around.

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Tour Provider: Africa Volontour

Contact Service Provider(+237):
677 957 089  / 

Town: Dschang

Region: West

Price: From 850000 FCFA

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