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Luxury Boat Cruising with BBH

Luxury Boat Cruising with BBH
Luxury Boat Cruising with BBH
The Bota Beach House offers luxury vacation packages where clients can get a luxury boat cruise from the ever vibrant city of Douala cruising through lovely scenic views of the ocean, mangrove forests, iconic historical and cultural heritage sites like the former slave trade ports to the beautiful beach town of Limbe.
Its an interesting way to spend the weekend for those who do not mind luxury spending and a porsche lifestyle. After relaxing during the weekend in Limbe, visitors can board the boat and take another remarkable luxury trip back to Douala to dive into their weekly hustle and bustle. It is worth noting that guests cover their fuel cost and daily charges which are not included in the rental cost.

Useful Details

Contact Service Provider(+237):
678 122 886  / 

Adventure Level: 4

Town: Douala

Region: Littoral

Price: From 500000 FCFA

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