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Cave Exploration: The Ndem-Voh cave

Cave Exploration: The Ndem-Voh cave
Cave Exploration: The Ndem-Voh cave
Just a stone throw from the mysterious mami-wata water falls is the Ndem-Voh cave which means "the god of caves". Surrounded by natural beauty, this cave is considered sacred and there protection rituals are done before, during and after any visits made to this natural wonder. The uniqueness of these caves springs from the fact that they have been attributed sexes, with the male cave on the right and the female on the left! While the male possesses attractive architectural magnificence, the female is clean and accessible having attributes of a loving, social and educative woman who occupies a chosen position in the Bamileke land. Also grab the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful panoramic and fascinating view of La Falaise with its continuously winding roads and hills.

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Adventure Level: 2

Town: Dschang

Region: West

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