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 Practical Travel Information


  • Road Transport: some of the roads to the destinations which are most fascinating to visitors are not the best especially during the rainy season. Going around can therefore be time consuming, energy sapping and in rare cases health threatening
  • Travelling through public transport (mini vans, buses, and taxis) might give you the opportunity to fraternise with locals, even though it could sometimes be very annoying. Expect police checks, stops by the driver with no permission or apology for his/her action, you being squeezed in a car taking more passengers than it was designed to. Delays are always expected. Nevertheless you can opt for the VIP bus transport services which don't have any of such discomforts.
  • Avoid using public motor bikes (commonly known as 'ben sikin') late at night especially when you are alone
  • In most cases a car hire will be more appropriate even though it's pretty expensive as compared to public transport. There are also possibilities to take a "depot" or "course" with the former involving you proposing to the taxi driver to carry you alone and drop you at your destination without picking other passengers on the way. In most cases it costs 2000FCFA. The latter involves you hiring a taxi to take you around and you pay depending on how long your errands take. Normally an hour is 2500FCFA
  • Air transport: With the lone air transport service provider, expect delays, postponing and even cancellation of some flights. These just might be the least to expect. But if it is about reaching your destination safely, that is assured to a greater extent
  • Rail Transport: As the days go by it is becoming more comfortable depending on what services you are willing to pay for as it is divided into different classes. Nevertheless trains going towards the Northern Regions are open to security risks. But this has been greatly curbed by the activities of the B.I.R (French acronym for Battalion of Rapid Intervention)

 Transportation Service Providers in Cameroon