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 Practical Travel Information


  • Avoid high risk zones especially in border town with countries that have unrest. Such is the case with the Far North region borders with Nigeria.
  • Avoid flaunting signs of wealth of any kind be it expensive jewelry, electronic gadgets or cash especially in urban areas
  • Avoid walking alone especially at night
  • Make sure every taxi you take has a drivers identification badge and if possible jot down every information on the badge without seeming too obvious
  • Avoid putting all of your cash in the same bag/wallet. This prevents you from losing everything in case you are aggressed. In such situations, do not retaliate because it might cost you more than just material items; your life is definitely more important
  • Petty theft, pick pocketing and bag snatching are common in busy areas such as markets , taxis, bus and train stations
  • Your safety is assured to some extent with the help of a local tour guide, so consider hiring one (you can consult our page on tour guides who have been certified by the Ministry of Tourism)
  • A certified copy of your passport should be carried at all times for identification purposes. In order to reduce the risk of losing important documents, it is advisable to scan them and to store a soft copy which can always be reprinted when needed.
  • Avoid any financial exchanges with agents of doubtful authenticity; it just might be a scam. Try explaining any of such proposals to a local acquaintance who might help you bail out as such scam stories are very familiar and in most cases similar.

 Transportation Service Providers in Cameroon