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 Practical Travel Information


  • Casual greetings and various polite enquiries are common in the country even with people you might not know too well. Try to maintain a sense of humour
  • A little "good morning" or "thank you" speaks volumes that can earn you a smile which could spark up sincere friendship
  • Patience is one virtue you should exercise while in Cameroon because you might not get things done as fast as you want. Time management does not seem to be very much of an issue in many parts of the country
  • Public nudity and display of affection can be considered as offensive especially in the Northern regions of the country
  • In a bid to properly explore rural areas, it is advisable and considered polite to visit the rural chief and ask for permission. Small gifts like wine or monetary equivalence will be greatly appreciated
  • Avoid political discussions in casual conversations with Cameroonian acquaintances especially in public places
  • Homosexuality is illegal but treated with more disgust than other illegal behaviours. Avoid public display of affection between same sex

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