Cameroon Unification Symbol Palace of Foumban Limbe Beach Western Region Cameroon Festival Landscape of Bamenda

 Practical Travel Information


  • If you're using an analog camera, buy film and battery beforehand because these could be difficult to find in most remote areas.
  • It is advisable to always to ask before taking pictures around the country for your own safety. This is because some communities are suspicious, resentful and in some severe cases hostile to you taking either photographs or videos of them for reasons associated with taboos, traditional beliefs and others. After asking you could offer to pay a small fee or to send them copies of the picture. In some areas, local people may be reluctant in letting you take pictures of their places of worship or natural features that have religious significance
  • Getting mixed-up in a police saga is something you will not want to experience, so avoid taking photographs of anything which could be considered as being governmental, military, strategic or official in anyway which include: soldiers, members of government, airports, bridges etc. It is best not to bring out your camera wherever there are police, soldiers or other officials.

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