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 Practical Travel Information

Entry Requirements

A Passport

All visitors to the country are expected to have a passport which should remain valid for at least six months beyond the trip. All foreigners are advised to carry their passports everywhere they go because it acts as their official identification document. NB: You can carry an officially certified photocopy of your passport in other to avoid losing the original one during several trips and activities in the country.

A Yellow Fever Certificate

All visitors are also required to show proof of having taken a yellow fever vaccine. In countries where this vaccine is generally not administered, prospective visitors are advised to consult a specialist travel clinic.


With the exemption of some countries like Nigeria, Congo, Central African Republic and Mali who do not need a visa for visits which do not exceed 90 days, all visitors with a passport must have a tourist visa issued by a Cameroonian High Commission or Embassy unless there is none in their area of departure. In this case, airport visas are available to them. In the near future visitors from the CEMAC zone will not need to acquire a visa because the CEMAC passport will suffice.

Applications in Europe and the USA may require a confirmed flight ticket, hotel reservation and proof of funds for the trip. In most cases, a copy of a recent bank statement should suffice


Visas can sometimes take up to three or more weeks to obtain via post or two/three days if applied for and received in person.

Required documents to be submitted include: a full passport valid for at least six months, two completed application forms (available at the High Commission or Embassy), two passport-sized photographs, a yellow fever vaccination certificate and the visa application fee.

 Tourist Packages in Cameroon