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 How to Get There

By Land

From Nigeria

The two most popular routes from Nigeria leading to the country are the Northern and Western routes. Travelling from Maiduguri to Bama in Nigeria will lead you to the border post at Banki, and then to Mora in the North of Cameroon. Mamfe in the west of the country can be accessed from Calabar to Ikom, then through the border village of Mfum which leads to Ekok.

From Chad

You can enter from Ndjamena through Kousseri to Maroua. A taxi can lead you from either Ndjamena or Nguele to the Cameroonian side of the border. You can also enter through Lere and Bongor by canoe over the Logone River

From the Central African Republic

From Berberati and Gambola to Batouri or Bouar to Garoua Boulai

From Equatorial Guinea

Road from Bata to the main Cameroonian entry point of Ebebiyin

From Congo

From Ouesso via a minibus to the boarders or via a canoe when crossing the Ngoko River to the village of Kika, then to Moloundou where you can board a bus to Yokadouma.

From Gabon

You can go from Libreville to Oyem and Bitam heading towards Ambam where you are issued an entry stamp.


  • Ensure that all your paper work is completed in order to satisfy the custom and immigration staff. Note, especially at quiet borders, that there may be a considerable wait.
  • Always check National travel advice and practical travel information before embarking on a journey. The borders are usually closed in periods of unrest or an epidemic outbreak like the recent (ongoing) ebola outbreak
  • Borders may close in the afternoon, evening, on national holidays, at weekends, and in Muslim areas on Fridays.
  • Travelling overland on these routes can be rough and a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. It is inadvisable to attempt these routes at night or during the rainy season.

 Tourist Packages in Cameroon