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 How to Get There

By Air

Visitors to Cameroon who travel by air can land at the Douala or Yaounde International Airports. Douala has acted as the main airport for decades even though some people prefer to land in the less crowded Nsimalen airport in Yaounde. Yaounde proves to be a better option for those who wish to visit the South and the West regions as they are easily accessible by road. In addition, visiting the Equatorial Rain forest of the East will hardly pose difficulties as the distance from Yaounde is far less than that from Douala. Yaounde should also be a convenient entry point for visitors wishing to visit the northern parts of the country, as the town is linked by rail to Ngoundere, the landed gateway to the North. The Garoua airport also offers some international flights but Camair-Co remains the only scheduled airline to the airport; moreover it does not operate 24hrs. The airport in Maroua offers continental flights.

Most flights to the country from Europe are via Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich and Istanbul. Flights are usually cheapest between February and April. The main airline companies offering flights to and from the country include:

 Tourist Destinations in Cameroon