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Yaoundé En Fête Ya-fe

 Yaoundé En Fête Ya-fe
Yaoundé En Fête Ya-fe
YA-FE rekindles the December feeling in you! Christmas meets the "Yaoundéens" in an already puffed up festive mood as they lighten up to the biggest holiday family fiesta; Yaounde en fete (Ya-fe) during which the city's dwellers of different walks of life, social status, religions unite to enjoy the moment.
It is a scintillating jamboree mix of shopping, music, dancing, gaming and provides an ideal moment for family bonding. The event tends to radiate more colour as it is graced with the country's finest/international artists in every fun-associated domain. Ya-fe turns on the "hoovy goovy" spirit in you while assuring you get the best of your five senses.
This lavished event takes place on the esplanade of the 20th May Boulevard and it is organised by the International Inter-Progress Foundation mandated by the Yaounde city council.

Useful Details

Town: Yaounde

Region: Center

 Theme Effort and Energy - Tourist Destinations