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Bamenda Fashion Week

Bamenda Fashion Week
Bamenda Fashion Week
The Bamenda Fashion Week whose maiden edition launches this year has impressively grown to be one of the most talked about fashion events of 2016 and 2017 in the Country. It promises to be a showcase of the best fashion talents across Africa, and the organizers have gone a long way to assure this: designers span from four countries in Africa (Guinea Bisau, Nigeria, Senegal and Cameroon).
Even though holding in the city of Bamenda, this event is far from being one solely about the town: apart from just three of the fifteen selected designers hailing from this town, runway models are professionals carefully selected from across the country; yes, auditions were nationwide!
Perhaps what adds to the grandiose of the event is that it's going to be streamed live from the Bamenda Congress Hall for a worldwide audience, from red carpet moments to every detail on the runway.
But that's not the only flair to the modernity of this event! Tickets are actually being sold worldwide online through an impressively robust ticketing system the organizers put in place. They promise to even cater for you if you lose a ticket or are purchasing from a location where hard tickets wouldn't reach you.
Among the fifteen designers selected for the event, five would be competing for a cash price.
With everything this event promises, why won't it steal the show from the country's showbiz?

Useful Details

Next edition starts on:  2017-01-21

Ends on:  2017-01-21

Town: Bamenda

Region: North West