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The Ngondo Water Festival

The Ngondo Water Festival
The Ngondo Water Festival
The Ngondo festival which involves communication between the "water gods" and the Sawa people is an arena where religion meets tradition and they both get cosy with mysticism evoking a hyped sense of curiosity that keeps visitors marveled every step of the way. Apart from the sacred rituals that give the event its uniqueness, it also exhibits the Sawa people as a clan of colour, with gifted hands evident in their arts and craft, their strength, competitive spirit and their familiarity with the sea.
It is an annual festival organised by the Sawa (coastal peoples) which takes place during the first two weeks of December held at the beach on the Wouri bay illuminating its banks with song and dance, canoe race and the crowning of a Miss Ngondo among other activities.
The highlight of the event has been the mysticism that surrounds the Jengu cult members who dive into the sea with the mantle of a messenger sent by the Sawa chief to Miengu(the river gods) with a message of thank giving for the year and emerges to the surface DRY with a message of prospection for the next year from the gods as the people stand in awe.
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Town: Douala

Region: Littoral